The Process

1. Handpicked knot free 5/4 x 6” x 12' lumber. 5% moisture content.

2. Cut to 2 six foot length to avoid end checking.

3. Scribe pattern style, length to lumber.

4. Band saw to a blank.

5. Scribe sides and shaft to slab on band saw.

6. Spoke shave blade and shaft, scribe to keep symmetrical and balanced.

7. File handle and shaft at blade.

8. Blade tested for flex and shaved if necessary.

9. Rough and finish sand.

10. Finish with Linseed Oil mixture or Tung Oil. (depending on the wood and wood grain). (Some woods are more porous than others)

11. 9 – 14 coats Varsol and Linseed pol mix or 5 – 6 coats Tung oil mix – steel wool or 220 sanding between coats